"We're not in the real estate business, 
we're in the marketing business!"
"We're not in the real estate business, we're in the marketing business!"

Get LIFETIME ACCESS to this 8 HOUR marketing masterclass with Joe McCall & Tom Krol, and watch over their shoulder as they show you exactly how to do buyer & seller marketing… even if you don’t have a marketing budget… and even in a difficult market!

Get LIFETIME ACCESS to this 8 HOUR marketing masterclass with myself & Tom Krol, and watch over our shoulder as we show you exactly how to do buyer & seller marketing… even if you don’t have a marketing budget… and even in a difficult market!

Get LIFETIME access to the Live Marketing Masterclass, with Joe McCall & Tom Krol, nearly 8 HOURS of marketing training... for $197 or 2 x $99!

See what students are saying about the marketing class...


From: Joe McCall & Tom Krol
Subject: Live Marketing Masterclass w/ Joe & Tom 


From: Joe McCall & Tom Krol
Subject: Live Marketing Masterclass w/ Joe & Tom 
Joe McCall here... and guys, this is exciting!

Tom and I have been in this business for a long time. Between us both, we've done millions of dollars in deals, and we've helped tens of thousands of investors build their REI businesses using our systems.

And we both agree... successful real estate investing comes down to one thing...


I've said it a lot before... we are not in the real estate business, we are in the marketing business.

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. If you are not marketing, for buyers and sellers, you will not only stop doing deals... you will stop having a real business.

I know when I got started, I realized this pretty early on. So I would go through these phases where I would do a bunch of marketing, get a bunch of leads, get really busy, start working the leads, getting them under contract, and I'd have to stop my marketing 'cause I couldn't handle the volume

And then I would get a bunch of leads under contract and then I would work hard to sell those deals and I'd make a bunch of money but I turn around and guess what? 

My pipeline was empty, I didn't have any more leads in there. And, marketing is not like a light switch. You can't just easily turn it on and expect leads to come in instantaneously.

There is a power of MOMENTUM in this business. It could take one or two months, just to start getting leads again at a good volume where I could close them and actually get more contracts. 

So I realized if I didn't get somebody else to do the marketing for me in spite of me, it just wasn't going to get done. 

So I hired my first VA, someone from Indiana... and she was great.

She actually started doing a lot of marketing for me for getting leads, and was also helping me advertise the properties and get them sold.

Then I started creating systems. 

And once I created one system, I realized, oh man, this is actually pretty easy. 

And I think a lot of you have gone through this too, where you think, "I wanna hire a VA but I don't know if I can give them enough work, or if there's enough things for them to do."

But then as you start getting more and more simple systems built, you could pretty quickly have a full time VA just do all of your marketing. 

But, momentum is the key. You have to start, and build, and maintain this to be successful longterm. And, it can be daunting at times... to think of the amount of work necessary to get a proper marketing system up and running properly.

So the other day... Tom Krol and I were talking. We've both learned many valuable lessons when it comes to marketing for buyers and sellers.

And we got to thinking... is there a way we can help YOU learn from US?

What if... you could get your ENTIRE marketing set up, in one day, and running... generating buyer & seller leads for free (or very cheap).

What if... you could gain massive momentum, LIVE, in a matter of hours... and a game plan for how to keep that momentum going... long after the day is over.

Then get LIFETIME ACCESS join Tom and I, LIVE, to the Live Marketing Masterclass. In just 8 HOURS, you will be watching "over our shoulder" as we demonstrate how to do buyer & seller marketing, in a brand new market, starting from scratch.

Here's everything you need to know about this masterclass:
100% Virtual (& Affordable!)
This masterclass will be done, entirely, virtual! You don't have to book a flight & hotel room. You don't have to leave your desk... heck, you can wear your pajamas if you want! The best part is... the marketing we will be focusing on is 100% completely virtual... so this will work if you're working your local market, or another market somewhere else.

LIFETIME Access To It All
Since the LIVE masterclass is over, you will be purchasing LIFETIME access. You will get lifetime access to ALL of the recordings, audio & transcripts, my mind map, plus ALL of the templates and resources that Tom and I go over during the class. You'll also get links to special offers and discounts on our favorite software and resources.

Live Calls DURING The Masterclass!
Yea, that's right... while we were all together, we did some live seller & buyer calls! You will have no excuse. We did some live calls together, discussed the deals, gave feedback... every time we do something like this, it's one of the most popular aspects of our training. You will NOT want to miss this! It's worth the price of admission alone.

NOTE: I will be including a BONUS recorded session where we do even MORE live calls. So in addition to the handful of calls we do during the masterclass, as well as some role-playing... you'll have EVEN MORE live calls to review... from us!

Free (& Cheap) Marketing Strategies
Hey, listen... I get it. Marketing can be expensive sometimes. That's why, for this masterclass, we are going to focus on those marketing methods that are free and cheap. I mean, we're talking like $500/mo. max budget. For some of you who can't afford that, this masterclass will be perfect. In my opinion, the best marketing is often times the marketing that doesn't cost you a dime.

Get more leads than you can handle
I'm going to warn you. When students work with us for the first time, there's a common problem they all experience... too many leads! Now, you probably won't get "too many" leads by the end of the day on Friday... but these strategies are usually more effective & aggressive than many investors are used to... so there's a high probability you'll start getting more leads than you're used to getting. So... make sure your CRM and systems are ready! :)

What's working TODAY - even in the midst of social distancing & an uncertain market?
I know there's a lot of concern and worry about the future of our economy and the housing market. Things are volatile now... and they're not ready to jump back to normal anytime soon. Knowing how to market during this time is important. So, we're going to focus on marketing activities that are proven to perform in these times. We have multiple students doing multiple deals a month RIGHT NOW... we will specifically cover some of the things they're doing right.

Take this training, hand it to your VA, and they are ready to roll...
The best part of this masterclass is... you're going to get all my resources to properly execute these marketing strategies. All of the templates, scripts, marketing pieces, the workbook, the mind map - everything! Plus the recoring. And, you will easily be able to hand it all to your VA and have them implementing these strategies for you as early as next week! (Don't have a VA yet? No worries... I have a special offer just for you)

Watch us get everything set up "over our shoulder"
At least part of the day was Tom and I setting up all the marketing systems, from scratch. Watch us "over our shoulder" as we get a CRM set up, do the research, and start actively marketing and getting leads. We'll be calling buyers & sellers, and who knows... we may secure a deal in the same day! This level of learning is invaluable and certain to give some of you the boost you need to take action.
Bottom Line
I hope you're as excited about this as much as Tom and I are... 

We are in unprecedented times. Some of us are still stuck in our houses, not able to leave. Some of you that have day jobs and were sent home maybe suddenly have time on your hands.

This makes a lot of people anxious about "how to" keep DOING this business. But, it's quite simple... keep doing what works best!

And that's exactly what we're going to be covering. The best marketing strategies, in any market or economy, regardless of how much money you have for marketing.

Tom and I both charge a minimum of $10,000 to spend a day with one of us 1-on-1 (something I don't even do anymore)... and if we were to hold this masterclass live, we would realistically charge closer to $5,000. But I want to make this masterclass as accessible as possible for you. So, for this round, I'm only going to charge you $500 $197 one-time.

SPECIAL PAYMENT OPTION: I wanted to make this super easy for you. You can pay one time at $197, or you can split it up into two monthly payments of $99!
Tom and I put a lot of effort into delivering this masterclass... and we already received RAVING reviews. I want you to join us before it's too late!
The more you implement… the more I’ll work with you.
When we did this live, Tom and I had a small group with us while we delivered the training. 

Overall... we spent almost TWO HOURS MORE on the call than we intended to... PLUS, we'll be including at least one additional training video in the lifetime access.

We had students telling us that this one-day training was better than some 3-day seminars they spent upwards of $20,000 to attend!

But... you won't be paying that. You won't even be paying the $10,000 we each charge for a 1-day private coaching session.

You'll get lifetime access for just $197 or two monthly payments of $99.
But you have to act now. This page will not stay up forever. We can't promise the price won't change next time we do this live.

So... click the button below, right now, to join us and start taking massive action today!

- Joe McCall & Tom Krol
Summary Of What's Included:
  • 8 HOURS of Marketing training with Joe McCall & Tom Krol
  • ​3+ hours of buyer marketing, and 4+ hours of seller marketing
  • ​Free (& cheap) marketing strategies
  • ​Get more leads than you can handle
  • ​What's working TODAY - even in a difficult market.
  • ​Take this training, hand it to your VA, and they are ready to roll...
  • ​Watch us get everything set up "over our shoulder"
  • ​LIFETIME access to the recording & ALL included resources.
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